Graceful Explosion Machine Update Version 1.0.2 Now Available


Vertex Pop has announced that a software update for Graceful Explosion Machine is now available.

That sees the intense side-scrolling arcade shooter experience now sat on Version 1.0.2, with the developer introducing two new features.

The first is the Upload Score Later option, which, as the name implies, now means that you can choose to submit your score “Later” rather than immediately.

This has been added in response to those that rack up high scores while travelling but can’t upload them online, and will let you store any pending scores to then choose to “Upload Scores” on the main menu.

Next up is an option to either reduce or disable the Screenshake effect. It is hoped that this will help those that have motion sickness related concerns, to improve their time with the game.

The developer adds that they have made some smaller fixes and that they have “more new stuff in the works.”

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