Goons: Legends And Mayhem Delivers Brawling Hockey Action

Goons: Legends and Mayhem Logo

Firestoke and RageCure Games have revealed that Goons: Legends and Mayhem will release on Nintendo Switch.

Taking inspiration from games such as the Mario Strikers series and Windjammers, the developer has worked to bring “cartoon brawling action to the sport of hockey.”

In three-on-three matches for up to six players, you will choose from one of eight characters who are divided into three classes- the attack-focused sharpshooter, the defence-orientated enforcer and the wingman, which is a wildcard that can either support the team or attack the opposition.

Each character has their own special ability – like explosive mines, freezing opponents in a cube of ice or teleportation – which looks to add “an element of cartoony brawling to this hockey title where teamwork is the key to success.” There are six environments for you to compete in, each with its own special mechanics, environmental hazards and goaltender to defeat.

Goons: Legends and Mayhem will also offer a story campaign which will take you on a journey across ice rinks nestled in forests to floating ice rinks sailing the sea on pirate ships. Your goal is to stop the Great Mascoteer’s mission to ruin hockey for everyone, defeating bosses while gathering collectables, character upgrades and cosmetic unlockables along the way.

“Making a game that blends arcade hockey and beat ‘em up action, brings couch co-op nostalgia, compelling online play AND a great single-player campaign, has been far from easy, but that’s what we’re delivering,” explains game director Francis Tremblay. “We can’t wait for you and your friends to get on out onto the ice and try the game on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch and PC this year.”

Firestoke CEO Paul Farley adds: “It’s great to finally be able to announce Goons: Legends and Mayhem. We knew immediately that this was an ice hockey game like no other with appeal that goes well beyond just hockey fans. It’s rare in gaming that a game not only brings a truly fresh approach to an established genre, but also does so in a way that appeals to both new and established players. Goons does this. It’s been a joy partnering with RageCure games on this title. They are not only huge hockey and gaming fans, but a fun team to work with!”

Goons: Legends and Mayhem will release digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in 2023.

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