Gods And Monsters News Coming “At The End Of Summer”

Gods And Monsters Screenshot

Ubisoft has confirmed that it has more to share about Gods and Monsters “at the end of summer,” which will also see the game’s name changed.

The vision for the Ubisoft Quebec-developed action-adventure game has “evolved in surprising ways,” with changes having also been made to its “features, tone, art and character design.”

This news comes in response to an E3 2019 demo that was accidentally made available to those subscribed to Google Stadia earlier this week but has since been swiftly removed from the .cloud gaming service.

“Our vision for the game formerly known as Gods & Monsters has evolved in surprising ways, which is common when developing exciting new worlds,” Ubisoft Quebec executive producer Marc-Alexis Côté explained to Kotaku.

“This footage is from our E3 2019 demo, which was shown to select press last June and is now over one year old. Much has changed since then in terms of features, tone, art and character design, and even the name of the game. We are hard at work and very excited to finally show players what we have created at the end of summer.”

In Gods and Monsters, you play as Fenyx – a forgotten hero on a quest to restore power to the Greek gods after it was stolen by Typhon, the deadliest creature in Greek mythology.

This will see you explore the Isle of the Blessed, where you must prove your heroism as you take on dangerous mythological creatures such as Gorgons, Harpies, and Cyclopes.

Fenyx has been gifted with special powers from the gods of Olympus, which you must use to overcome treacherous dungeons, challenging trials, and perform heroic feats on your quest to save the gods.

The developer has described the game as “a storybook adventure at heart,” leaving you to freely explore the colourful open-world – whether that be roaming freely on the ground or gliding high in the air.

Gods and Monsters will release for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

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