Giant LEGO Pikachu Constructed From 25,000 Bricks

lego pikachu photo

Game Mania teamed up with Brick Projects to create the biggest LEGO Pikachu ever built, a mammoth task that required far more yellow LEGO bricks than we can count!

It is estimated that creator Dirk Van Haesbroeck had used approximately 25,000 LEGO blocks to create the electric mouse, which stands at 1.5 metres tall.

But, what’s more impressive, is that he went on to make a second LEGO Pikachu – one for Belgium and another for the Netherlands – with both auctioned off for charity as part of 3FM radio station’s Serious Request 2016 campaign. That saw them earn £2,825 (€3,300), which has since been donated to the Red Cross.

Their time-lapse video will show you how they were created right from Pikachu’s feet to the tips of its ears, soon dwarfing a LEGO Charmander that seemingly cheers on their efforts in the background.

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