Giant AR Cards now available through Club Nintendo across North America


North American Club Nintendo members can choose between three new items today, as Nintendo of America have updated their rewards catalogue.

I’m sure the addition that is sure to be of most interest is the Giant AR Cards, available for 200 Coins, that are able to be used to coincide with AR Games in producing more life-sized projections of both your Mii and favourite Nintendo characters.

The latest items are as follows:
* Club Nintendo Donkey Kong 3-Poster Series,
This poster series features 3 posters with original artwork designed exclusively for Club Nintendo members. “Donkey Kong’s History” follows the evolution of Donkey Kong from the original arcade game in 1981 through Donkey Kong Country™ Returns for the Wii™ console in 2010. “Donkey Kong & Diddy Kong” features Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong™ in a lush tropical jungle setting. “Donkey Kong NES” features retro graphics from the 1983 Donkey Kong game for the Nintendo Entertainment System™.

* Giant Mii AR Card, 200 Coins
A giant version of the AR Card included with the Nintendo 3DS™ system – use it create life-sized Mii™ characters and enjoy amazing augmented-reality gaming experience with AR Games! Measures approximately 28.5″ L x 18.25″ W, use with Mii Pics in AR Games and reverse side features a Mario AR Card print that can be used in “Star Pics.”

* Metroid: Other M Screensaver, 10 Coins
Features logo and character art from this epic story of legendary bounty hunter, Samus Aran, and the Galactic Federation Squad. Select Mac or PC version of screensaver to download, file size is 4.7 MB (PC) and 4.5 MB (Mac).
System Requirements: Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000, Flash Player 9.1; Mac 10.6 (32-bit chipset)/10.5/10.4, Flash Player 10.0; 300 MB free hard disk space. Recommended Environment: CPU Windows Intel Pentium 4 or more, Mac Intel Core Duo processor or more; Memory 512 MB or more.

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