Genyo Takeda Now A Special Corporate Adviser To Nintendo


News that Nintendo representative director and technology fellow Genyo Takeda will soon retire came as a surprise, signalling an end to a career that introduced battery back-up memory in NES cartridges, the analog stick on the Nintendo 64 controller and the Wii to the world.

Now, Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima has commented on Takeda’s departure, explaining at the company’s financial results briefing that Nintendo will continue to seek his advice as a special corporate adviser, in looking to explore “new technology and play.”

“Takeda expressed interest in retiring and passing the torch when his term of office expires this period,” Kimishima had explained.

“Takeda’s guidance has fostered many technicians over the years, particularly in the technical development departments. Ko Shiota, who we have mentioned as a candidate for the new director, was one of those Takeda mentored while developing our business.”

He continued: “Even after his retirement, we hope to continue seeking advice from Takeda as Special Corporate Adviser such as in terms of how we should look into new technology and play. Takeda’s knowledge, experience and personal connections cannot be easily transferred. We plan to take over those over time in consulting with him. We hope to progress to the next stage by combining Takeda’s advice and support (as Special Corporate Adviser) with the new skills of our young employees.”

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