Gearbox Software: Wii U has “more RAM” than competitors and a “great processor”

aliens colonial marines

In a week where the Wii U has been slandered for its technical prowess by anonymous sources, Gearbox Software have once again countered such comments.

In a recent interview, Brian Martell, Chief Creative Officer of Gearbox Software and Director of Aliens: Colonial Marines, has stated that due to the Wii U arriving late in the cycle, it has “more RAM” than its competitors and a “really great processor”.

“I think things like the Wii U are really becoming very sexy with what you can do with the controller”, Martell explained to Official Nintendo Magazine. “Especially with what you’re able to do using things like motion tracker, or whatever the sub-gameplay will be that you get to see on there. I think that’s a compelling experience.

“I think the machine itself will be one of the best looking versions of the game, because they’ve got more RAM and they’re late in the cycle so they have this really great processor and all that kind of stuff”.

You can view Official Nintendo Magazine’s entire interview with Brian Martell below, which also includes gameplay footage:

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