Gateway 3DS flash card now bypasses region-locking

Piracy fears first emerged back in May, when the Gateway 3DS flash card project began to circulate online, although Nintendo were quick to block the device through a system update for the handheld.

Now, in the wake of the company filing a lawsuit against, the team behind the device have revealed that they have now circumvented the system’s region-locking, an aspect that continues to draw much criticism from consumers despite Nintendo’s concerted effort to deliver more global release dates.

Despite their original progress being blocked, the video below shows the group’s latest alpha build that demonstrates “firmware spoofing” and “multi-region,” which is surely set to deliver another headache for Nintendo to have to deal with.

[Thanks GoNintendo]
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  1. Good. Hopefully Nintendo will clean up their mess and make the 3DS (in future) a region-free console. Otherwise, having a flashcart that can support multiple regional games will give no profit to Nintendo; dynamically increasing awareness for so flashcart and people will turn to Piracy because of the region lock.

    But if Nintendo wants to keep it region-locked forever and miss out on huge possible oppurtinites, then by all means keep it that way, that’s their loss.

    Nintendo is loss.
    Go Region-Free.

  2. The gateway 3ds card only can work with Nintendo 3DS V4.5.0 or below.

    For the gamers of V6.2.0,maybe the downgrade is a better solution.

    I think the Gateway-3DS team can think about it .

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