Gaming Historian remembers The Life of Satoru Iwata

satoru iwata investor briefing

Several months on, I realise that I still haven’t really come to terms with Satoru Iwata’s unexpected passing. The late Nintendo president earned the admiration of an industry that he cherished being a part of, and, as shared in Genyo Takeda’s eulogy, I look forward to seeing the seeds that he has planted continue to bring smiles to many worldwide.

The Gaming Historian has shared an incredibly well-researched biographical video that explores Iwata-san’s life, accomplishments, and why he had played such an important role in the games industry.

That traces a fateful early encounter with a pay-per-hour computer, how hard he worked to earn enough money to buy a programmable calculator, and how that had birthed his passion for games. He would go on to study computer science at university, before his early career would see him join a fledgling HAL Laboratory that would eventually see him begin to frequently impress Nintendo.

The rest, as they say, is history. Gaming Historian’s video is a poignant reminder as to why we have so much to be grateful to Iwata-san for, and how his legacy will last for many years to come.

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