Gamevice Sues Nintendo Over Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Integration


Nintendo has been met with another lawsuit, with Gamevice suing the company over the Joy-Con controllers that come with Nintendo Switch.

Engadget reports Gamevice allege that the Joy-Con and, more specifically, how they attach to the Nintendo Switch, violate a patent for the concept that they have used in their own Wikipad.

The Wikipad uses an Android tablet that slots into a “lightweight, interchangeable, patented game controller” that surrounds the device, providing access to analogue sticks, a D-pad, triggers and bumpers as well as A, B, X, and Y buttons for more traditional control input.

Gamevice believes that Nintendo Switch comes too close to their concept around combining a detachable game controller with a device that has a “flexible bridge section,” and, unsurprisingly, are seeking that Nintendo not only pays damages but remove Nintendo Switch from general sale.

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