GameTrailers share their Top 10 Zelda Games


Through the years The Legend of Zelda series has treated us to many remarkably memorable quests, so it is a rather unenviable task to attempt to rank them in any particular order of preference.

Each have their own qualities, whilst many will have differing opinions as to what amounts to the definitive Zelda experience. That said, GameTrailers have taken it upon themselves to see whether viewers share their thoughts as to which can be seen as the very pinnacle of what Nintendo have achieved with their young green-clad hero.

Despite high praise from the site, A Link Between Worlds has been excluded due to the 3DS exclusive having released so recently, so don’t become too outraged by its omission.

It’ll be interesting to see whether you agree with their Top 10 list, or if you’d place them differently, so feel free to let us know in the comments below!

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