GameStop: Wii U needs “blockbuster” from Nintendo to succeed


Whilst the Wii U has been “selling steadily” since launch, it is the lack of “blockbuster” first-party releases from Nintendo that is contributing to its poor sales pace.

Such sentiment was shared by GameStop CFO Rob Lloyd yesterday at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference where he spoke about the console’s impact since launch.

“We were pleased with the allocation [of Wii U units] that we got through the launch,” Lloyd began. “I think for us, it performed at expectation.

“I think what what you’re [now] seeing is the interest has not been to the overall level that [Nintendo] had hoped for. And it’s not performing like the Wii did.”

He continues, “There are a variety of theories as to why that might be. But among them is there hasn’t been the blockbuster from Nintendo. So Nintendo I think understands the need to have that first-party software available to drive Wii U sales.”

[Thanks GameSpot]

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