GameStop “Incredibly Excited” About Nintendo Switch Lite

Nintendo Switch Lite Photo

After it was revealed to the world, GameStop has shared how they are “incredibly excited” about Nintendo Switch Lite.

The specialist retailer not only sees the compact revision as a chance to encourage families to own more than one console, but an important way of attracting those that still haven’t bought a Nintendo Switch.

“We’re incredibly excited about it; I think it’s a real opportunity to grow Switch penetration within a family,” GameStop chief customer officer Frank Hamlin explained to GameSpot.

“I think it’s also a really good adjunct if you haven’t gotten into the Switch yet as a way to get into the Switch ecosystem if you’re presently playing on other systems.”

The Nintendo Switch Lite will be available in three different colors at launch – yellow, gray and turquoise – and, with a smaller design, has a 5.5-inch touch screen and integrates the controls.

The revision does not have a kickstand and cannot be placed in a Nintendo Switch Dock as it does not support video output to a TV, meaning that it won’t come with either the peripheral or an HDMI cable.

The Nintendo Switch Lite will release worldwide on September 20th priced at $199.99.

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