GameStop and Amazon offering Hyrule Warriors pre-order DLC


While this week’s Hyrule Warriors Nintendo Direct revealed that North American retailers would be providing costume DLC pre-order bonuses, these weren’t specified any further despite the Wii U exclusive being a month away from release.

GameStop and have now broken cover, offering consumers the chance to claim the Ocarina of Time Pack and the Twilight Princess Pack respectively. These provide alternate costumes for Link and Princess Zelda in-game, with a third Skyward Sword Pack yet to be listed by any retailer.

With no similar pre-order bonus running across Europe, it is presumed that these will all be made available through the Nintendo eShop following launch. So, you shouldn’t fret too much about deciding which two you should turn down.

Hyrule Warriors will release exclusively for Wii U across Europe on September 19th, and North America on September 26th.

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