GamesMaster award Resident Evil: Revelations 91% review score

resident evil revelations 065

Within their latest January edition, UK games magazine GamesMaster has awarded Capcom’s Resident Evil: Revelations with a positive score of 91%.

The reviewer describes the Nintendo 3DS release as “the game to convince Resi fans that the series is back to its best,” before writing that it is “one of the scariest games ever committed to handheld, and a spectacular return to form.”

The cruise liner level, seen within the majority of early playable builds also receives praise for being “a corking setting for Revelations, with a choking atmosphere trapped inside its creaking hull.”

It was recently announced that the game would be bundled with the new Circle Pad Pro accessory.

Resident Evil: Revelations will release exclusively for Nintendo 3DS across Europe on January 27th, and North America on February 7th.

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