GameSeek’s £198.50 Nintendo Switch Deal Makes A Return


GameSeek had made headlines when they opened their Nintendo Switch pre-orders at such an irresistible price point.

Before we were given the chance to learn more about the console at the Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017, the online retailer attracted attention when they priced it at £198.50 months earlier.

We would later learn that Nintendo Switch would carry a £279.99 price tag in the United Kingdom, but GameSeek soon confirmed that they would honour the price for the near-thousand pre-orders that they had received.

Now, GameSeek has revealed that deal will soon return. Those wanting to secure the same Nintendo Switch deal will be able to pre-order the Neon Red and Blue console at the same price.

“GameSeek is happy to announce that our customers will have another chance to pre-order the highly anticipated Nintendo Switch console at £198.50 before release day,” GameSeek writes.

“You may remember our big news last month, following the Switch reveal by Nintendo, where we confirmed that we’ll be honouring pre-orders from customers that purchased the Nintendo Switch from us at £198.50 – over £80 lower than the £279.99 RRP.

“This time we will be doing the mega offer on the Neon Red / Neon Blue Nintendo Switch consoles. We can also guarantee that the customers who pre-order at £198.50 will have there Switch consoles dispatched before release day!

“So when are the Switch consoles going back on sale at GameSeek for £198.50? Soon.”

GameSeek recommends that those who are interested set up a stock alert on their website, in order to be notified when their Nintendo Switch deal becomes available.

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