Game & Wario release date screeches in


Wii U’s first-party software drought will soon end, as Nintendo of Europe have today confirmed a release date for Game & Wario.

Preparing to launch on June 28th, it’ll deliver a maniacal assortment of games that provide a true showcase of just how the Wii U GamePad can be used.

There are twelve games to spend your time with in Single Player, that include “Camera” and “Gamer” that see you either taking snaps of escaped criminals, or ducking under the covers to hide your gaming habits from virtual parents.

Rewards are gained through using a chicken-shaped contraption called the Chick-N-Win, which lays egg-shaped capsules that contain toys for you to much about with.

Multiplayer invites you to try games such as “Disco,” “Fruit,” and “Artwork,” that see you go against another player in a dance-off, attempt to capture fruit unnoticed, or draw sketches that others guess the quickest.

Game & Wario will release across North America on June 23rd, and Europe on June 28th.

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