GAME unveil Nintendo 3DS trade-in offers

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Following today’s announcement of both the release date and price of the Nintendo 3DS, UK retailer GAME have unveiled their plans to entice potential purchasers to part with their old consoles to save money from the latest handheld’s £229.99 RRP.

Trading in a DSi XL will net you the largest saving, whereas the original PSP model will still save you an approximate £30. Such offer prices will only available until March 10th though, so it seems you’ll have to trade-in ahead of the March 25th release date.

Details regarding the remaining price to pay once you trade-in relevant consoles are as follows:
* DSi XL, You Pay: £124.99
* DSi, You Pay: £154.99
* DS Lite, You Pay: £189.99
* Wii Console Black/ Red, You Pay: £159.99
* Wii Console White, You Pay: £179.99
* PSP 3000, You Pay: £179.99
* PSP Slim & Lite, You Pay: £184.99
* PSP Base, You Pay: £189.99
* Xbox 360 Arcade, You Pay: £179.99

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