GAME trade-in offer eases 3DS XL, 3DS or 2DS to New 3DS upgrade


Excited by today’s New Nintendo 3DS / 3DS XL news, but holding out to see if there are any trade-in offers? Well, GAME have already shared how they plan to ease your upgrade.

Those that visit their nearest store between 13th – 26th February 2015 will be able to trade either their original 3DS XL, 3DS or 2DS to reduce how much the revised handheld will cost them.

That will allow you to purchase the New Nintendo 3DS for £79.99 when you trade-in a 3DS XL, for £94.99 when your part with a 3DS and £124.99 if you hand over a 2DS.

For those that would prefer a New Nintendo 3DS XL, trading in your original 3DS XL reduces the price to £109.99, the original 3DS reducing it to £124.99, and the 2DS to £134.99.

As can be expected your old system “must be in good working order and of satisfactory quality with relevant charging cables and vital accessories,” with the trade-in value dependent on the condition and imported hardware excluded from the offer.

Photo ID is also required, as well as a Utility Bill dated within the last three months. The specialist retailer also advises that you check with your local store first,

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  1. So I bought a 3ds xl for Christmas at £150 and now i can pay £80 to get the same price handheld, as much as I won’t it, i can’t forgive the slap in the face

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