GAME poll sees Wii voted best games console


Specialist retailer GAME recently polled 2,000 gamers, which has resulted in the Wii being voted the best home console of all-time.

Having inspired millions worldwide to get involved with motion control gaming, the Wii (15%) beat the Xbox 360 (10%) and PlayStation 3 (9%) to top place, with the PlayStation 2 seeing a surprise fourth placing.

Those that voted also deemed 1996 as the most memorable year in gaming, when the likes of Super Mario 64, Resident Evil, Crash Bandicoot and Tomb Raider saw release. Close behind was 2002, when Rockstar Games released Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

“It’s been brilliant fun looking back through the archive with the gamers of the UK and reminiscing on what a corker of a year 1996 was,” comments GAME community manager Craig Ting. “It’s great to see that the classic games of yesterday strike a chord just as much as the latest releases.”

He continued, “We know how passionate the gaming community is and it just goes to show that no matter how old or new and advanced a game or console is, each individual has a strong attachment to their favourite games and the memories associated with them.

“We look forward to continuing to fuel that passion and share many more gaming moments into the future. With all the amazing developments in the pipeline for 2013 and beyond, there are likely to be many more golden years to come.”

Top five years for gaming:
1. 1996 (14%): Tomb Raider and Crash Bandicoot on the PlayStation and Nintendo 64 launched. We were singing along to Baddiel and Skinner’s Three Lions and Brit Pop was at its height
2. 2002 (13%): Halo and Elder Scrolls III on the Xbox and Grand Theft Auto Vice City. BBC 6 Music arrived on our airwaves and Arsenal won the FA Cup
3. 1991 (12%): Street Fighter II and Super Mario World on SNES and Lemmings was out on the PC. It was the start of the Iraq war and the year Bryan Adams made history when (Everything I Do) I Do It For You entered its 15th successive week at number one
4. 1985 (11%): Super Mario Bros, Duck Hunt and Donkey Kong Jr on the NES and Ultima IV and Oregon Trail on the PC. It was the year Eastenders went on air and the mullet was considered the most desirable hairstyle for men and women alike
5. 1980 (10%): Pac-Man and Centipede in the arcade, Space Invaders on the Atari 2600 and Zork on the PC. It was the year John Lennon was shot dead and David Bowie was at number one with Ashes to Ashes

The top ten consoles of all time:
1. Wii (15%)
2. Xbox 360 (10%)
3. PlayStation 3 (9%)
4. PlayStation 2 (8%)
5. SEGA Mega Drive (7%)
6. PlayStation 1 (6.5%)
7. Super Nintendo (6%)
8. Game Boy (5%)
9. N64 (4.5%)
10. Nintendo DS (4%)

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