GAME plan to launch pre-owned only Gametronics stores


UK specialist retailer GAME have plans to launch a more determined initiative to capture the pre-owned market. This will see them begin to refit a small quantity of existing stores under the new name ‘Gametronics,’ which will initially be located in cities that already have multiple GAME stores.

Such stores will not only stock pre-owned games, but will also have various forms of consumer technology. It’s a move that will see the retailer directly compete with CEX, meaning that you’ll be able to purchase products such as TVs, smartphones, tablets and MP3 players.

Those that trade-in will be able to use credit that they receive across all GAME stores, and the retailer sees it as a way to encourage gamers to upgrade to next-generation consoles.

Lincoln and Cambridge will play home to the first Gametronics stores, with more to potentially follow in future.

[Thanks MCV]

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