Game Maker’s Toolkit Explores Star Fox Zero’s Divisive Controls


Game Maker’s Toolkit continues to provide a phenomenal critique about game design, with the latest episode taking the opportunity to explore the control scheme seen in Star Fox Zero.

The Wii U exclusive was the resulting product of a challenge that Shigeru Miyamoto was posed with, in that late president Satoru Iwata had recognised that Nintendo had “not been able to offer a decisive software title that enriches the user’s gameplay experience when playing alone with the GamePad.”

As host Mark Brown highlights, critics labelled the controls “confusing,” “terrible,” “tricky,” “unusually unintuitive” and “a multi-screen mess.” There were more positive reviews as well, but, in his meticulous analysis, he aims to more specifically identify where Nintendo and PlatinumGames scored successes and suffered shortcomings.

It is best to hear Mark’s analysis rather than read us paraphrasing his points, so, for those interested, you can catch the episode in entirety below. Enjoy!

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