Game Freak’s restructure allows project exploration beyond Pokémon


Within the latest Iwata Asks, Game Freak’s executive director Junichi Masuda has discussed the benefit of the studio’s recent restructuring.

The developer is now able to allow its teams to make proposals for projects, which can gain momentum if offered support by colleagues. The first game to come into fruition from such a concept being HarmoKnight.

“This is why we decided to change the internal structure of the company so that we could initiate new projects while still being able to give our all on Pokémon titles,” Masuda explains. “We have structured things so that if you come up with an idea for a game, you can write a proposal for it; if you can then get two other people to support it, you will be given three months to make it.”

He continues, “Anyone can work on developing a game, as long as you can find two other people prepared to come on board with the project. Then, after three months, we will check on the game’s progress.

“And if we think it’s worth pursuing, we will give the team another three months to work on it. Then, six months after work begins on a game, the management will make a decision as to whether or not to turn it into a full-blown project.

“HarmoKnight is the first fruit of our company’s new system, which encourages people who have an idea to just give it a go.”

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