Game Freak’s “next project” nearing announcement


Japanese developers were asked by 4Gamer to reflect on the past year, as well as look toward what 2015 will bring for the games industry. Game Freak’s Tetsuya Watanabe was part of that discussion, revealing that they are preparing to announce their “next project.”

“We’re doing a lot of different things with respect to our next project, so right now we’re focusing on getting ready to announce it,” Watanabe said, in talking about the year ahead. “We sincerely hope from the bottom of our hearts that it’ll be worth checking out once we get to that point.”

As to what that’ll be is unclear. Aside from the mainline Pokémon games, the developer’s recent restructure has allowed them to release more experimental games such as HarmoKnight and Solitiba! on Nintendo 3DS.

There’s also that Great Detective Pikachu trademark that we’ve heard little about since last year…

[Thanks Gematsu]

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