Game Freak’s Giga Wrecker Alt. Reconstructs Rubble On Nintendo Switch In 2019

Giga Wrecker Alt. Key Art

Rising Star Games and Game Freak have announced that Giga Wrecker Alt. will release on Nintendo Switch, brought to life through the developer’s internal Gear Project where staff are encouraged to create smaller games away from their work on the Pokémon series.

In this 2D action-adventure, you must unearth the mysteries of a sudden invasion that has left the world in ruins – set against a soundtrack from Ridge Racer and Tekken composer Shinij Hosoe.

You play as Reika who – thanks to a power known as ARCHE (Arms Creating and Handling Effect) – can destroy and reconstruct her surroundings, relying on physics-based gameplay to tear down walls to then use the rubble as a platform to leap to out of reach places.

The console port introduces new content in 20 additional puzzle campaign stages, a new companion character to help players solve puzzles they are stuck on and a hardcore Ironman mode that will see you take five times as much damage compared to playing on normal.

Giga Wrecker Alt. will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch in 2019, with Limited Run Games to produce a physical edition.

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