GAME drop Nintendo 3DS price to £179.99

Initially listed by the company for £219.99 and dropped to £196.99 by launch, GAME have this week reduced the price of the Nintendo 3DS even further to a new listing of £179.99 – £50 lower than its £229.99 RRP.

Such a price point provides the perfect opportunity for those that have yet to purchase the system, as Nintendo continue to ready a line-up of games throughout 2011 and the future.

Purchasing a Nintendo 3DS system from GAME will also net you 1800 Reward Points, worth £4.50, that’ll allow you to later save money on further purchases.

You can order either the Aqua Blue or Cosmos Black systems on the following links:
* Nintendo 3DS Console (Aqua Blue) – £179.99
* Nintendo 3DS Console (Cosmos Black) – £179.99

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