Game Builder Garage Receives New Overview Trailer

Game Builder Garage Logo

Nintendo has shared a new overview trailer for Game Builder Garage, software coming to Nintendo Switch next month that lets you design and share your own games.

With step-by-step interactive lessons “created by the minds at Nintendo,” this software will help you to learn the basics of game design and visual programming.

You will use curious “creatures with big personalities” called Nodon to help build your games, which each has its own unique function and can be used by connecting them in different ways. The hope is that you will learn the basics of game programming “in a fun and intuitive way.”

Each lesson is broken down into multiple parts and will teach you to build seven games, whether that challenging two players to chase one another in Tag Showdown, using motion controls to roll a ball through a maze in On a Roll or a competitive race to the finish line in Thrill Racer.

You can turn to Free Programming once you feel more confident to let your imagination run wild, and, once satisfied with any of your creations, you can exchange codes with your friends to download each others games. Not only can you check out the programming that they used to create them, but you can also work together to create the game of your dreams.

Game Builder Garage will release exclusively at retail and on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 11th June 2021.

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