GAME announce unique Nintendo 3DS Play/Trade offer


GAME have today announced plans to offer a unique Play/Trade offer for the Nintendo 3DS, previously implemented by the retailer for Test Drive Unlimited 2 just a few weeks ago.

For those planning to pick up the handheld system from GAME online at its recently lowered price point of £196.99, if you’re unhappy in any way you will be able to trade the console back to the retailer in-store for a meaty £190 credit. Such a guaranteed price will only last until April 25th, and is only applicable to online orders.

You must keep hold of your packing receipt to be able to claim the credit, and those wishing to receive cash instead of credit will receive £176.99.

Does such a move make the Nintendo 3DS an even more attractive purchase for you, or are you set to keep it regardless?


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