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When an app appears on your phone that you have never seen before, your inability to delete it results in a cardboard box magically turning up on your school desk. Inside are the Pheromone Goggles and Pheromone Shot gadgets, that, once put on, sees the alluring elite angel Risu energetically greet you. She works for the Angel Ring Company up in Heaven, who are a group of angels that take on demon slaying jobs. But, they need your help.

In Gal*Gun 2, you have been chosen as their new hero to lead the fight against demonkind. Demons are possessing girls to use them to throw entire schools into chaos, and, as Heaven and Hell have an agreement that forbids angels and demons from fighting in the human world, it is up to you to stop what’s happening before the whole world crumbles into disorder.

You must use the Pheromone Goggles to spot the demons, to then, with your Pheromone Shot locked and loaded, perform a euphoric exorcism. The only problem is that whoever wears the Goggles becomes irresistibly popular with girls, thanks to the Popul-aura that the gadget surrounds them with. What makes matters worse is that you can’t remove the Goggles until you reach your Demon Busting Quota before a set date – on a calendar that only has 20 days, no less.

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Gal*Gun 2 is, unashamedly, one of the wackiest games to have been released on the Nintendo Switch to date. With girls swarming you from all sides, this on-rails shooter will see you duck under benches, on roofs, behind cars and beneath windows as you look to retaliate with shots of euphoria to free them from their demons. You will want to identify each girl’s weak point, scanning your reticule over their bodies prompting an exclamatory Japanese phrase that reveals whether that is their face, chest, hip or legs. If you shoot them in that particular body part, you score an Ecstasy Shot that will see them reach euphoria straight away. Otherwise, it will take multiple shots to have the same effect.

Clear an area of demon-possessed girls and you can move forward, deciding between blue silhouettes of your body to choose which route you take in each stage. You can crouch and peek around anything that you are hiding behind, which soon becomes important as the possessed girls shout Japanese phrases at you to attack. Shooting the Japanese character that’s highlighted in red will stop these projectiles, but your other threat comes from girls that rush at you can knock you down. Shooting them repeatedly is the only way to loosen their grasp for you to escape.

Then there are girls that have been consumed with a demonic aura. For these, you must first shoot the chibi mini-demons that surround them to dispel the aura to then deliver that shot of euphoria as normal. The mini-demons are then dazed, and you can either shoot them or choose to capture them with your Demon Sweeper – sucking them up rewarding you with more Demon Busting Points. You can also look into a girl’s eyes while zoomed in to make them become Lovestruck, making their entire body a weak point that, once shot, will make every other girl in the area reach euphoria at the same time.

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And, that’s it really. The whole experience soon descends into repetition, largely thanks to each stage having the same approach. Inti Creates has looked to alleviate that with side quests that let you help girls that are being pranked by demons, presenting you with the chance to earn more of the Demon Buster Points that you need to build to meet your deadline. These can be more challenging than the main story missions and are also your opportunity to get the girls that you have rescued to save their numbers in your phone.

You can then call these to arrange an impromptu rendezvous, whether that be in the classroom, showers, gym storage, pool, park or other places. Woo them enough and you can even invite them to your home. Expect even more innuendo in these dating encounters, as you hand them chocolate gifts and snacks in the hope that romance will blossom. As your Customer Rank with Angel Ring Company increases you are sent boxes full of these, so, fret not, there’s more than enough to share around. As can be said for much of the game though, there isn’t enough to do beyond that and you will soon grow bored.

Even looking past the game’s sordid perversions, Gal*Gun 2 never becomes as entertaining as it needs to be to hold your attention for long. In many ways, that’s a shame as, while the game’s erotic nature may be an immediate turn off to some, it exists in an uncontested genre on Nintendo Switch.

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