Futuristic racer AiRace Speed whizzes to Nintendo 3DS


QubicGames have announced that they will release AiRace Speed through the Nintendo eShop, building upon the success met by the DSiWare original AiRace.

Players can look forward to piloting advanced jets as they compete to across courses to achieve their best times. The developer teases “extremely difficult tunnels, spectacular halls and hidden shortcuts” within this adrenaline soaked futuristic racer, so you better hold on to your hats.

“With fast and furious meticulous level design and impressively real-feeling 3D effects, AiRace Speed combines smooth controls and tricky level design to ensure an adrenaline soaked experience for all players of all skills and ages,” said Jakub Pieczykolan, CEO at QubicGames. “Online leaderboards and special achievements make AiRace Speed one of the most complete packages to be available through the Nintendo eShop.”

AiRace Speed will release for Nintendo 3DS later this summer priced at £4.49 (€4.99 / $4.99).

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