Future Nintendo Consoles Will Continue To Deliver “Unique Kinds Of Play”

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With their future consoles, Nintendo will not look to compete in performance but in continuing to deliver “unique kinds of play.”

This continues to support their steadfast belief in “Dokuso,” a Japanese term that means to be original and unique.

The company continues to achieve this through the way in which they allow players to interact with their games, allowing them to differentiate themselves from the consoles that their competitors create.

“Nintendo has never tried to compete on the game console performance (specifications) but has always strived to create a variety of unique kinds of play by utilizing our game consoles as the medium,” Nintendo representative director and fellow Shigeru Miyamoto explained at the company’s 80th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders.

“An area where we believe we have strength is the interface between player and game console, and that has been so ever since we first created the + Control Pad for the controller. We have worked to create products that make use of our strengths in that field. No matter what kinds of cloud or other technologies unfold in the future, the interface by which people connect (with games) will always be an area of strength for Nintendo, and we intend to continuously try new things (with the interface).

“Dokuso (a Japanese term meaning being original and unique) is so important at Nintendo that we will use any medium if it would give us the opportunity to create unique and captivating play. But for the time being we see video games as an excellent medium for creating unique ways to play, and they’re also something that everyone can readily use, so that is where we are focusing.

“That being said, we try to think every day about possibilities for new kinds of play. Our job is to generate new demand in a field that is not a bare necessity. We believe we have shown you the fruit of our efforts little by little, and we would like to continue doing so in future.”

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