Further Nintendo 3DS titles confirmed for March release

nintendo 3ds 41

Nintendo of Japan have updated their calendar in regards to Nintendo 3DS software releases, bringing with it a flurry of titles that are now confirmed to be released within March.

These are as follows:
* March 11th: Super Monkey Ball 3D, Sega
* March 17th: Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell 3D, Ubisoft
* March 24th: Dead or Alive Dimensions, Tecmo Koei
* March 24th: Gundam The 3D Battle, Namco Bandai
* March 24th: Rabbids Time Travel, Ubisoft
* March 31st: BlazBlue Continuum Shift II, Arc System Works
* March 31st: Pro Baseball Famisuta 2011, Namco Bandai

Nintendo’s updated calendar also now lists the following titles for a release within March:
* Asphalt 3D Nitro Racing, Konami
* Naruto Shippuuden Nin Rittai Emaki! Saikyou Ninkai Kessen!!, Takara Tomy
* Nikoli Puzzle, Hmaster
* Pro Baseball Spirits 2011, Konami
* Shanghai 3D Cube, Sunsoft
* Steel Diver, Nintendo
* The Sims 3, Electronic Arts
* Tsukurou Ponta no Gardens 3D, Electronic Arts
* Virus Shooter XX, Dorasu


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