Further Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion details revealed

More info on Cartoon Networks Punch Time Explosion for Nintendo 3DS

Deep Silver and developer Papaya Studio have today unveiled more details regarding forthcoming Nintendo 3DS release, Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion.

Due to release on November 18th across Europe, the game brings a large cast of popular characters from Cartoon Network’s original programmes together for one epic adventure.

You’ll be able to choose between 18 playable characters, as you make your way through an original story that combines popular locations and events. There are 32 stages with multi-layered environments in total, incorporating iconic locations from nine Cartoon Network universes that include Ben 10, The Powerpuff Girls, Dexter‘s Laboratory and Samurai Jack.

A selection of gameplay modes will also be at your disposal including Single Player Story Mode and Battle Mode, which can either be played against four-players over Wi-Fi Connection or just the CPU.

You’ll also be able to trigger over-the-top cutscenes and attacks with your “Super Attacks” or opt to use special “Assist pickups” to summon characters to aid you. There are also alternate outfits and player colours to unlock, as well as special bonuses and hidden characters.

Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion will release for Nintendo 3DS in Europe on November 18th.

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