Funko Creates A Day With Pikachu Figure Collection

A Day with Pikachu One Lucky Day Photo

The Pokémon Company International and Funko have revealed plans to create “A Day with Pikachu,” a new, 12-strong Pokémon figure collection.

Each figure will depict the iconic Electric-type Mouse Pokémon celebrating a different season or holiday, with one figure to be released every month.

The first, A Day with Pikachu: One Lucky Day, releases this week on Wednesday 13th February, and sees Pikachu carry Luck Incense, an Amulet Coin, and a heap of four-leaf clovers.

Each figure will also have an insert that shows silhouettes of the next Pikachu figures to be released in the coming months.

The A Day with Pikachu: One Lucky Day figure and the rest of the A Day with Pikachu collection will be available to buy on the official Pokémon Center website in the United States.

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