Funimation App Now Available On Nintendo Switch In UK And Ireland

Funimation App Screenshot

Funimation has confirmed that the Funimation App is now available on Nintendo Switch in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Free to download from the Nintendo eShop but requiring a Premium Plus Funimation subscription, you will have the chance to browse and enjoy hundreds of titles such as “global hits” like My Hero Academia and Attack on Titan Final Season, fan favourites that include Naruto and classic anime such as Revolutionary Girl Utena.

Last year, the company continued to expand its catalogue through partnerships with VIZ Media and Aniplex that saw even more anime added to the line-up.

There is a Free Trial available to those that are not currently subscribed, for which you can read the Funimation App FAQ for more information.

“We will always go where the community wants their anime, and Funimation is 100% committed to listening to and servicing fans on every platform. When Nintendo Switch was a possibility in front of us, we were a resounding ‘absolutely’ with the opportunity to further serve fans,” explains Funimation chief product officer Kaliel Roberts. “Our teams approached the partnership with a shared goal to create a uniquely engaging app experience built for anime fans. That passionate approach paid off with a compelling and immersive touchpoint that was purpose-built specifically for our audience.”

For those that are still waiting for their chance to download the Funimation App on the portable home console, there are “plans to expand into more countries in the coming months.”

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