Fulfil Your Heroic Dream In Moonlighter On Nintendo Switch

Moonlighter Screenshot

11 bit studios and Digital Sun Games have announced that Moonlighter will see release on Nintendo Switch.

When an archaeological excavation uncovers a set of Gates, the people were quick to realise that the ancient passages lead to different realms and dimensions. That soon saw Rynoka, a small commercial village, settle near the excavation site – a base from which brave and reckless adventurers could seek out treasures.

The action RPG will see you play as Will, an adventurous shopkeeper who secretly dreams of becoming a hero. In Rynoka, players can put items on sale – setting their price, managing your gold reserves, recruiting assistants, upgrading the shop, and protecting it from those that want to steal your wares.

Rynoka’s residents may have special quests that challenge you to recover rare items for handsome rewards in return,
with crafting and enchanting being essential to your progression – as interacting with villagers will let you craft new armour, weapons and enchant existing equipment.

It is the other worlds that you visit that will let you collect valuable resources, weapons, armour, treasure and peculiar artefacts, although players must be wary of enemies and bosses who look to prevent you from taking them – with each run being different.

Moonlighter will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

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