Frozenbyte: Wii U “would make for a nice platform” for Trine 2

Trine 2

There’s the possibility that Frozenbyte may bring Trine 2 to Wii U, according to recent hints from producer and project manager Joel Kinnunen.

Having been posed with the suggestion, he shared that the Wii U “would make for a nice platform” for the game although cited non-disclosure agreements preventing him from discussing the idea further.

“Thanks for the suggestion. We are keeping a close eye on all current and upcoming platforms, and we will bring Trine 2 to more platforms in the future”, Kinnunen replied. “Wii U would make for a nice platform, that’s for sure, the tablet would fit Amadeus perfectly indeed.

“We can’t really disclose any ‘real’ info because that’s all covered by legal confidentiality agreements and the like… But let’s see how it goes.”

[Thanks GoNintendo]

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