Frightful Fiesta Special Halloween Edition exclusive to GameStop


Activision has announced that new Skylanders SuperChargers character Frightful Fiesta will be treated to a Special Halloween Edition, exclusive to GameStop in North America.

The Undead elemental character can be paired with the Crypt Crusher vehicle to ‘SuperCharge!,’ and was once the head member of a popular mariachi band in Count Moneybone’s personal court.

Fiesta and his bandmates played music for those that entered the Underworld, although were suddenly interrupted when several Skylanders arrived on a mission to prevent Count Moneybond from unleashing a robot army on Skylands.

Having realised that he had been fooled by the evil Count, Fiesta and the band distracted the robot army so that the Skylanders could successfully infiltrate Moneybone’s mansion. Master Eon saw such act of bravery and defiance, and recruited Fiesta at once.

Frightful Fiesta Special Halloween Edition will release exclusively at GameStop in North America on September 20th.

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