Free Super Expert Mode Headed To Super Mario Maker


Nintendo has announced that more than 6.2 million courses have been created in Super Mario Maker by players from around the world.

To make sure that budding creators continue to feel motivated, a free software update will become available on Wednesday 9th March. This will add a Super Expert mode to the 100-Mario Challenge, which will be unlocked after players clear the standard Expert Mode. This steeper difficulty level will see players challenged to tackle six extremely tough courses.

There are also 12 new Mystery Mushroom costumes to unlock in 100 Mario Challenge, while the update has added more tools for level creators to use:

  • Shake a P Switch to turn it into a key. Shake a Door to turn it into a Key Door.
  • Creators can make enemies hold keys, meaning players can’t advance without defeating mandatory bosses.
  • Shake a Coin to turn it into a Pink Coin. Players must collect them all to make a key appear.
  • Shake a Thwomp to turn it into a massive Skewer column from Super Mario World.

The Super Mario Bookmark website will also be updated with new features, whether that be ranking categories for world records or the number of first clears on courses.

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