Free Starlink: Battle For Atlas Update Adds New Star Fox Missions, Starship Races And More

Star Wolf Starlink: Battle For Atlas Screenshot

In this week’s Nintendo Direct presentation, Ubisoft has revealed that a free update for Starlink: Battle For Atlas will add new Star Fox missions.

This spring update, which lands in April, will present the chance to play as Peppy Hare, Falco Lombardi, and Slippy Toad as they help in the fight to down Star Wolf lieutenants Andrew Oikonny, Pigma Dengar, and Leon Powalski in a series of challenging missions.

And, there’s additional content beyond that. You can expect new starship races, faction missions, and more content to keep you exploring the Atlas triple star system.

Starlink: Battle For Atlas is now available for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

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