Free Pokédex 3D application to hit Nintendo 3DS e-Shop


Nintendo have announced that they are to release a free application for the Nintendo 3DS when its anticipated e-Shop launches on June 7th, and one that is sure to excite Pokéfans.

Pokédex 3D will allow users to navigate information regarding the many breeds of monster within the popular series, just as if the in-game Pokédex device was in your hands itself.

All of the new Pokémon that feature within the most recent release – Pokémon Black and White – feature, and rendered in full-3D. Players will be provided with 16 Pokémon initially, and more will become available daily through SpotPass (three at a time), through scanning QR codes or by trading with friends – presumably through StreetPass functionality.

The Nintendo 3DS’ e-Shop is due to be available within the system update that is to be released on June 7th.

[Thanks, Eurogamer]

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