Free Monster Hunter DLC coming to Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer

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Nintendo has announced that they will distribute free downloadable content based on Capcom’s Monster Hunter series to Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer.

This will become available in Europe on Monday 2nd November, delivered to the Nintendo 3DS exclusive through the handheld’s SpotPass functionality. Nintendo of America has since confirmed that the content will be made available in the region a week later, on Monday 9th November.

The screenshot that they shared shows that players will receive items such as Hunter and Felyne statues, a Hunting Board and spit, as well as jungle-themed wallpaper and flooring.

We enjoyed Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, concluding in our review: “After years of mayoral duties, Happy Home Designer’s fresh lick of paint results in a heartwarming approach that successfully recaptures that irresistible Animal Crossing magic. Challenged to do your best every day, this was one job that proved itself to be particularly rewarding.”

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