Free Kingdom Two Crowns: Challenge Islands Update Out This Week

Kingdom Two Crowns: Challenge Islands Skull Island Screenshot

Raw Fury and Coatsink have announced that the free Kingdom Two Crowns: Challenge Islands update will be made available on Thursday 29th August.

This alternative experience to the campaign will present tougher roguelike gameplay, with three Challenge Islands that each has their own custom rules and the player granted only a single attempt to conquer them:

To make things trickier, there is no co-op option to help you survive the island and claim the Gold Crown.

The three Challenge Islands that the update will introduce are:

Dire Island: With the new Dire Wolf mount as your aid, protect its pup at all costs. No crown, no monarch. No pup, no monarch!

Skull Island: Time is running out and you must destroy the Greed Lairs. That’s right, ‘Lairs’, as in more than one!

Plague Island: This land has been overrun and on the brink of succumbing to the Greed. On top of that, a fearsome pandemic is transforming citizens into Greed. How long can you survive in the face of such overwhelming odds?

Kingdom Two Crowns is now available on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

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