Free IronFall Invasion update delivers gameplay improvements


IronFall Invasion developer VD-Dev have continued to tinker with the Nintendo 3DS exclusive in the weeks that have followed launch.

That’s allowed them to make improvements to the gameplay experience – whether that be aim and camera sensitivity, changes to weapon statistics, and multiplayer tweaks. They’ll continue to track player feedback through Miiverse and Twitter, with a “major game update” promised this summer.

As for the changed made within this first update, Nintendo have provided a rundown as follows:

New features for all IronFall Invasion players
* In the Controls menu of the game’s settings, the “Aim Sensitivity” and “Camera Sensitivity” sliders have been expanded with more increments to allow for finer tuning according to the player’s preference.
* In Multiplayer: in the “free-for-all” game mode, players who leave a game before the end have their score reset.
* In Multiplayer: the range of the “shock gun” item has been increased.
* In Multiplayer: the damage and bullet statistics of the “grenade launcher”, “explosive rifle” and “shotgun” items have been adjusted accordingly to reflect balance issues noticed in user comments.
* In Multiplayer: the respawn algorithm has been improved.
* During a sprint, it is now easier to turn left and right.
* The U-turn command (pressing back twice) has been improved to decrease involuntary U-turns; it is now necessary to press back twice in a faster way than before.

New features for players having purchased IronFall Invasion content
* In Multiplayer: when joining a quick online match, it is possible for players to filter out the “Tanks (Demo)” map from their quick online match search, to allow for more variety in the automatic selection of arenas.
* In Multiplayer: players will now remain invincible for 4 seconds when they respawn.
* In Multiplayer: players will now also receive credits if they finish in second place.
* It is now possible to take cover while sprinting.
* There is now an additional lock-on on the vertical (Y) axis in aim mode.

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