Free Dance? Pokémon Band! app announced for Japan


Pokémon Shuffle Mobile isn’t the only smartphone application that The Pokémon Company have in development, with Dance? Pokémon Band! preparing to launch to coincide with Pokémon the Movie: Hoopa and the Clash of Ages in Japan.

Serebii reports that the app, which will be freely available on iOS and Android, is a rhythm game.

Players will take control of differing Pokémon, and are tasked with dancing along to the beat by tapping musical notes as they fly over the Pokémon’s head. Tracks that are included so far are the movie’s main theme, and Little Glee Monster’s “Gaogao All Stars” which is currently the song that plays during the credits sequence for the anime series.

There are other modes available, but your overall goal is to collect berries by tapping the notes in a perfect rhythm. These can then be used to summon Hoopa, who will use a portal to unlock more Pokémon for you to use.

Dance? Pokémon Band! will initially provide you with Hawlucha, Pancham, Pikachu and Chespin, with more to be added over time.

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