Foxconn Trialling Nintendo NX Production


Foxconn Electronics has started trial production of Nintendo NX, amid signals that the new dedicated game platform is on track to launch worldwide in March 2017.

DigiTimes report that Foxconn will be the largest original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for the console, working alongside Misumi Electronics and Hosiden, with their industry sources suggesting that 9.5 – 10 million Nintendo NX units are estimated to be produced each year.

If this process sounds like it is starting fairly late, the publication adds that Foxconn and Pegatron have now begun PlayStation 4 Pro production – a console that will arrive at retailers worldwide in November..

Trusted rumour-monger Emily Rogers added to this earlier in the week, revealing that she had heard that the hardware specification is now finalised and that it was “entering a very early stage of production.” She believes that this means that there is a “zero percent chance” that it will be delayed beyond March.

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