Four Disney Dreamlight Valley Biomes Revealed

Disney Dreamlight Valley Logo

Gameloft has revealed four biomes that you can explore in its free-to-play life-simulation adventure game Disney Dreamlight Valley, which is coming to Nintendo Switch.

Plaza: Your starting point in the game, the Plaza is filled with incredible resources and tools that will kick-start your journey — as well as some beloved characters who will help you get started. 

While our sneak peek above shows an idyllic sunset, you’ll have your hands full with the Night Thorns that have run amuck. You’ll need to rebuild this once-happy place and uncover its secrets — chief among them being: Exactly HOW MANY hidden Mickeys can you find in the image above?

Glade of Trust: This area will be one of the first you unlock and it’s filled with a hazy atmosphere and new resources to discover and collect. Visually it’s wildly different than other biomes you’ll discover and it brings a truly vibrant feeling to Disney Dreamlight Valley. The biome is also filled with stunning new flora, like glowing lotuses, as well as exciting new fauna, including a certain pink reptile…

Dazzle Beach: If you’re a fan of Moana this beach is the place to be. Not only will you be able go fishing with her, but you’ll also be above to help her rebuild her wa’a kaulua. In this GIF we also get a glimpse of a mysterious Dreamlight Valley Pillar. Maybe you can unlock its secrets?

Peaceful Meadow: Remember those glowing lotuses from the Glade of Trust? You can place them in the meadow and they look great at dusk! Many of the items in the game feature dynamic lighting so you can help set the mood for your adventures from dawn to dusk. In this GIF you’ll probably notice that quite a few residents have set up homes in the Valley. Maybe you can guess who is at which house based on its unique hat topper!

After creating your own personalised avatar, you will arrive in the dream world of Dreamlight Valley. Your quest is to restore a once-idyllic village that is left desolate after a mysterious event called The Forgetting leaves it covered in Night Thorns.

You must uncover the mysterious secrets that led you to this new world and explore diverse realms inspired by classic Disney and Pixar worlds, while helping the iconic inhabitants of the town recover their lost memories. In this experience, players will meet and build friendships with beloved characters from Mickey & Friends to Disney’s The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, and Moana to Disney and Pixar’s Toy Story and more. Dive in and immerse in a multitude of unique individualized story arcs and enjoy activities with some of the village’s most memorable characters, such as whipping up a delectable Disney-themed dishes alongside Remy from Disney and Pixar’s Ratatouille inside of your own village restaurant, fishing at the fishing hole with Goofy, or growing vegetables from Wall•E’s garden patch.

Players will be able to design the Disney and Pixar villages of their dreams across multiple unique biomes, ranging from the snowy mountains of the Frosted Heights to the Peaceful Meadow and beyond – with a wealth of customization options for their avatars, homes, and villages. The game will feature an ever-evolving list of Disney-princess-inspired ballgowns, Mickey-adorned streetwear, Frozen-inspired antique kitchen designs, and more.

Disney Dreamlight Valley will release as a free-to-play game digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in 2023. However, those that purchase the Founder’s Pack will be able to play the game in Early Access from Summer 2022, in which you receive “exclusive rewards” that can be carried across once the game launches next year.

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