Fortnite Update Version 7.30 Optimizes Nintendo Switch Performance

Fortnite Chiller Grenade Image

Epic Games has released a new software update for Fortnite on Nintendo Switch, changes made to the free-to-play battle royale game seeing it now on version 7.30 on the portable home console.

While the headline additions are the new Chiller Grenade that you can hurl at your enemies to freeze their feet and Solid Gold Limited Time Mode, but, more importantly, has continued to optimize the game for the portable home console.

That has seen the developer continue to improve the experience that you will have with the game, whether that be reduced crashes and hitches, improved level streaming performance, increased texture pool size or GPU performance improvements – that have improved the screen resolution.

There are far more changes to read about in the extensive patch notes, but we have listed the Nintendo Switch specific performance improvements below:

Fortnite Update Version 7.30 Patch Notes

  • Moved to a more efficient memory allocator on Switch; significantly reducing crashes due to out of memory.
  • Reduced hitches on Switch caused by garbage collection.
  • Improved level streaming performance on Switch, speeding up building load times.
  • Increased texture pool size on Switch by 100MB to reduce issues with blurry textures.
  • GPU performance improvements for Switch – improved screen resolution.
  • Doubled the limit for the number of cosmetics that can be displayed on the screen as we now have more free memory.
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