Fortnite Crack In The Sky: What Did The Rocket Do

Fortnite Rocket Launch Screenshot

If you are wondering what happened in Fortnite today, well, as we were led to believe, the countdown timer that had appeared on in-game TV screens ended with a rocket launch.

“Blast Off! Get in-match on Saturday by 10.30am PT / 1.30pm ET / 7.30pm CET and look to the sky,” Epic Games had announced in an in-game notification. “It only happens once!”

Those that did manage to board the battle bus in time heard a siren wail as the clock struck the scheduled time, after which the rocket soared into space before, with laser targeting, it looked like it was about to impact in Tilted Towers.

It was intercepted before that could happen, suddenly warping to reappear to then blast over the island in different directions before it eventually soared upwards, leaving a crack in the sky.

For those that missed the in-game event, we’ve included some videos below for you to see it in action. And, for those that witnessed it, what do you think this means for what Epic Games has planned next for Fortnite?

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