Foretales Dealt September Release Date

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Dear Villagers and Alkemi have confirmed a release date for their story-driven card game Foretales, which will hit Nintendo Switch next month.

Pitched as “a new kind of card game where narration and experimentation blend with decksploration mechanics,” it tells the story of a world on the brink of collapse which has been doomed by a dark prophecy.

Playing as the avian small-time thief Volepain, you must assemble a party from a selection of anthropomorphic characters who range from the tiger archer Léo to the gorilla Karst, the elephant Isabeau and parrot Pattenbois.

Each character has unique skills and consumable cards with which you can forge your path “through a huge variety of scripted encounters and situations.” That will require you to choose whether to approach each scenario by using stealth, creating a ruse, making a trade or engaging in “good old-fashioned” fisticuffs.

“Foretales is unlike anything else out there, using cards to not only battle and barter, but also dictate important story choices like where to go, how to infiltrate an enemy stronghold, and who to recruit,” enthuses Alkemi founder Alain Puget. “Foretales is more than a card game, it’s an adventure! And we can’t wait to share it with you all when it launches on September 15th!”

Dear Villagers head of publishing Guillaume Jamet adds: “We at Dear Villagers seek to bring people unique experiences, and Foretales is a perfect encapsulation of that. It’s more than a CCG, but a sprawling adventure played out in tabletop form! Its whimsy is bolstered by legendary composer Christophe Héraltop’s killer soundtrack, and veteran character actor Travis Willingham offering his esteemed vocal talents as the narrator. Foretales has got freedom, choice, and charm to spare!”

Foretales will release digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 15th September 2022 priced at £15.49 ($19.99).

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